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Unlocking Salesforce’s hidden potential: From silo to growth engine

Unlocking Salesforce’s hidden potential: From silo to growth engine

Any business leader invested in digital transformation understands the power of a unified Salesforce platform. But fragmented departmental use can impede efficiency, hinder collaboration, and stifle progress.

What if you could unlock the hidden potential of your Salesforce org, transforming it from a siloed toolset into a powerful engine driving growth? That’s exactly what leading companies have achieved by partnering with Coastal.

By focusing on strategic organizational alignment, agile solutions, and user-driven optimization, we’re helping enterprises achieve results and exceed their business goals throughout their Salesforce journey.


Customers want smooth, frictionless experiences and won’t stick around long with organizations that can’t provide them. Eliminating obstacles and simplifying customer interactions is vital to maintaining satisfaction and loyalty. Effective Salesforce solutions are key in creating these seamless experiences, directly impacting customer retention and business success.

Challenge: At Baptist Health, complicated insurance verification and scheduling processes were causing significant delays in patient care, impacting the quality and timeliness of health services.

Solution: Coastal leveraged Salesforce’s Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud to revamp these processes. The focus was on user-centric optimization, integrating various systems for streamlined workflows and providing leadership with critical data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Impact: This optimized system drastically reduced the time required for insurance verification and patient scheduling, leading to a smoother care delivery experience. Patient satisfaction increased as care was delivered more efficiently, and Baptist Health saw its revenue exceed pre-pandemic levels.


Keeping up with technological advancements and customers’ growing demands is crucial for preserving agility and a competitive edge. Flexible Salesforce solutions ensure organizations can respond swiftly and effectively to their customers’ evolving needs.

Challenge: A leading software and service organization for enterprise retailers and wholesale petroleum faced the challenge of migrating from an existing Marketing Automation tool to Salesforce Marketing Cloud with a tight timeline and budget.

Solution: Coastal worked closely with the company’s IT and Marketing departments, prioritizing the data migration of their largest customers from existing tools and platforms to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This collaboration was marked by a keen focus on meeting critical deadlines without compromising service quality.

Impact: The collaboration with Coastal not only enabled the company to meet their migration deadlines, saving them from additional contracting costs, but also reduced the time to market for their new Marketing Cloud. This partnership resulted in improved marketing strategies and the creation of reusable marketing assets. As a result, an ongoing managed services partnership has been established, prioritizing the delivery of future enhancements for sustained value.


Salesforce should have buy-in from multiple business units to be most effective. However, departments can struggle to adopt technology and stay in sync without someone to drive team alignment. By uniting teams around shared business goals for organizational alignment, businesses can achieve heightened productivity.

Challenge: Fragmented Salesforce usage in a healthcare-related nonprofit led to inconsistent data and underutilized potential, creating bottlenecks in fundraising and donor engagement efforts.

Solution: Coastal aligned the organization in an enterprise-wide modernization effort across multiple Salesforce instances and clouds to update data and processes. This initiative streamlined data flows, ensuring consistent and accurate information across various fundraising initiatives. Aligning Salesforce with the nonprofit’s specific needs facilitated smoother operations.

Impact: The transformation resulted in a modernized Salesforce platform, enabling seamless access to accurate information and clearer communication channels. This led to a significant increase in donor and partner engagement and a substantial rise in fundraising effectiveness, directly supporting the nonprofit’s life-saving mission.


An initial Salesforce setup sparks progress, but true transformation needs ongoing care. That’s why our customers love Waves, Coastal’s innovation-focused Managed Services.

Unlike a one-and-done launch, Waves analyzes how Salesforce works within your business. We create a strategic plan tailored to your goals for continuous improvement.

Our experts collaborate with you to evolve Salesforce, customize solutions, and boost customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. This makes Salesforce central to your growth strategy, driving better performance and customer loyalty.


  • Alignment with your goals: We learn your business inside and out—the needs, culture, workflow, and long-term vision. This ensures our strategy works with your objectives for measurable results.
  • Customized strategic approach: We combine your inside knowledge with our Salesforce expertise to create a unique strategy that maximizes your investment.
  • Flexible and responsive services: Waves adapts to your business rhythm. Our staffing model can scale up or down as your needs evolve.
  • Proactive problem-solving: We anticipate issues and handle them smoothly so your Salesforce environment always runs at its best.
  • Ongoing education and evolution: Our experts stay up-to-date on Salesforce releases and industry trends. This keeps your business ahead of the curve.

Ready for transformative growth?

Waves is more than just expertise; it’s a partnership for ongoing success. We empower you with a scalable, adaptable Salesforce platform that grows with your business. Your platform will evolve as you expand into new markets or adopt new models, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Unlock the full potential of your Salesforce investment. Connect with Coastal and chart your path to transformative growth.


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