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Vaccination Begins

Vaccination Begins

Shots in Arms! CDR Maguire: Health & Medical and Coastal Cloud are proud to announce today the implementation of a joint vaccine management solution, CDR Health ProTM.

CDR Maguire and Coastal Cloud have already worked together successfully, performing over 1 million COVID-19 tests at multiple sites. CDR Health ProTM combines both the best of CDR Maguire’s industry best practices for patient workflows, creating a seamless patient experience from registration through checkout, and Coastal Cloud’s Care4COVID software and expertise in developing Salesforce solutions.

“We have already scheduled over 400 vaccines today and plan to scale up to thousands over the coming week, all enabled by the Coastal Cloud solution in conjunction with CDR Maguire: Health and Medical (CDR Maguire) clinical field experience and patient workflows” said Tina Vidal-Duart, CEO, CDR Maguire: Health & Medical.

CDR Maguire is a full-service, national firm that uses innovative solutions to drive results for their clients. They are experts in Disaster Health & Medicine including testing and vaccination site logistics, patient care, infectious disease protocols, and alternative care sites. They have been providing COVID-19 support services to various states, including Florida where they have processed over 1 million COVID-19 tests and provided over $90 million in medical supplies, PPE, and COVID-19 related services.

Coastal Cloud, a Platinum Salesforce Partner, developed a suite of Care4COVID solutions in the first few weeks of the pandemic. By utilizing the Salesforce platform, Coastal Cloud was able to rapidly address the demand for communication, scale, and tracking required to address the challenges of the pandemic.
Coastal Cloud has implemented accelerators within the Care4COVID Solution across all industries impacted by COVID-19. The accelerators developed include healthcare triage call centers and revenue recovery, higher education campus wellness and contact tracing, CARES Act relief management, and test site and vaccine management. CDR Maguire’s extensions to these accelerators allowed for the development of CDR Health ProTM and have ensured that hundreds of thousands of patients have an easy and convenient experience at a test or vaccination site and receive their results in real time as well as test site and vaccine data management for our clients.

For more information, click here to learn more about Care4COVID vaccine management and CDR Health ProTM


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