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Webinar: Empowering Families During Times of Crisis

Webinar: Empowering Families During Times of Crisis

Coastal Cloud and Carahsoft presented the second of 3 informational webinars hosted by our own Ravi Jackson, Director of Sales – Health and Human Services.

In this engaging and information-packed 30-minute session, panelists weigh in on best practices for providing health and human services professionals the insights and metrics needed to provide more efficient, preventative services, and to help families during times of crisis.  

COVID taught us many things – one of which is the absolute importance of access to services and information. Capabilities like mobile-friendly websites, self-service portals, and modern contact centers with dynamic intake and an intuitive agent experience became a necessity. Technology has evolved to better serve the needs of families by creating scalable intake and routing capabilities, automating case management workflows, streamlining outreach campaigns, and improving real-time data analytics.

A 360-degree view of the family that is so critical in child welfare – with the child and family at the center of it all. By implementing Coastal Cloud’s accelerator solution, staff and stakeholders have the appropriate access to view all of the incidents, intakes, relationships, programs, plans, benefits, and interactions so they see the total picture of that child and family for informed decision-making – and ultimately better outcomes.

Partners like Coastal Cloud have a wealth of knowledge to share and encourage other states and nonprofits to consider making the change that will positively revolutionize how they operate to benefit families and children.

Jodi Domangue
Executive Director
One More Child

Christi Oakley
Industry Go-to-Market Director

Ravi Jackson, Moderator
Director of Sales – Health and Human Services
Coastal Cloud

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