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Webinar: Get your Contract Lifecycle out of the Stone Age!

Webinar: Get your Contract Lifecycle out of the Stone Age!

As a top Salesforce Consulting Partner, recognized by Salesforce as the number one rated partner worldwide in Customer Success, Coastal Cloud shares our expertise in digital process automation in this webinar, demonstrating the benefit of digitizing your business through end-to-end contract lifecycle management. 

Coastal Cloud experts, Brendan Sullivan and Erin Luckner, discuss solutions to eliminate time-consuming manual processes and human error, redundancy of efforts, prepare for scalability, and improve reporting. 

Key strategies include the amount of time digitizing your legal workflow can save but also the cost savings associated with moving away from antiquated processes. In addition, standardizing processes will allow your sales process to flow much quicker affecting your quote-to-cash cycle and allowing your business to focus on customer outcomes instead of battling with sales vs. legal to complete a deal. 

Watch a real-time demo for examples of how the Conga system specifically transforms company performance for many of our clients and begin brainstorming how your business could implement solutions to transform these processes right away. Click here to watch and connect with us for technology consulting. 

Brendan Sullivan
Managing Director
Quote to Cash

Erin Luckner
Senior Solution Architect

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