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Eric Berridge on the Podcast

Coastal CEO Eric Berridge on a light blue background

Get actionable business insights from Coastal CEO Eric Berridge. Learn about customer obsession, AI’s potential, building a winning brand, and more.

How Coastal Transforms Grants Management with Salesforce

At Salesforce World Tour D.C., Coastal’s President and Co-founder Sara Hale led a short but powerful grants management session. She explored how Salesforce can help state and local governments turn the complex world of grants into a force for far-reaching change.  This means tapping into staggering resources—like the $2.8 trillion in federal funding distributed in […]

Coastal is designated a Salesforce Data Cloud Zero Copy Preferred Partner

The Salesforce Zero Copy Partner Network is a global ecosystem of technology and solution providers building secure, bidirectional zero copy integrations with Salesforce Data Cloud so that data can be actioned across the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform. Why Zero Copy Salesforce Data Cloud unifies all your customer data, structured and unstructured, into a unified 360-degree […]

Smart Collections: Balancing Liquidity and Risk with Salesforce

Financial institutions are walking an economic tightrope. Credit card and auto loan payments are increasingly late, a clear sign that organizations need to strengthen their collections approach. But on the other side of that tightrope is the opportunity for loan growth—and tightening up credit too much could mean missing out on good customers and stifling […]

Hello from Coastal

Coastal Cloud is now Coastal! Learn about our updated look and feel and discover the story behind the rebrand.

Coastal Named an ISG Salesforce Leader—Three Years in a Row!

This major third-party award highlights our commitment to delivering the best Salesforce solutions in the ecosystem. There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to Salesforce, and keeping up with the latest features and best practices can feel overwhelming. That’s where trusted, independent voices like ISG, a leading technology research firm, come in. […]

Coastal Unveils New Financial Services Practice Under Leadership of Industry Veteran Jonathon “JP” Owens

Award-winning firm will offer full-breadth Salesforce consulting solutions for financial services organizations. Coastal, the top-ranked Salesforce consulting partner, has announced a new financial services practice, appointing industry veteran Jonathon “JP” Owens to run the new group.  Coastal’s financial services practice offers multi-cloud solutions for all the sector’s sub-verticals, including banking, wealth and asset management, capital markets, […]

Beyond the Waiting Room: Transforming Patient Care with Melanie Husk

Navigating healthcare can feel like solving a riddle inside a maze. But what if technology focused on the pre and post-care patient journey could change everything?  Our CEO, Eric Berridge, recently sat down with Melanie Husk, Chief Consumer Officer at Baptist Health, on the Customer Obsessed podcast, and she let listeners in on the secrets […]

Webinar: ISG & Coastal Talk Data

Leading global technology research and advisory firm ISG sits down with Coastal CTO Jim Stalder to talk about all things data. Don’t miss their critical insights on the biggest obstacles to AI adoption, the place of generative AI inside of a business, and how to think about data. Complete the form to see the full conversation. […]

Coastal Explains Salesforce Releases: Spring ‘24 Edition

Welcome to our blog on the highlights of the Spring ’24 Salesforce release! We’ve got a ton of exciting updates to share, each tailored to different teams and needs.  Here’s a quick overview of what Salesforce has in store this season. You can also click on any headers in this menu to dig deeper into […]

Serving Citizens from the Cloud

Hear from Sara Hale as she details Coastal’s direct impact on public sector modernization. Get an unfiltered look at how cloud technology is reshaping government services, enhancing community engagement, and setting a new standard for public service efficiency. Straight talk, profound insights, and a blueprint for innovation—this episode is where meaningful change in public service takes […]

What can Salesforce Data Cloud do?

Customer data is a goldmine that’s often scattered and hard to use. You might struggle with complex integrations, limited insights, or slow performance. Salesforce Data Cloud aims to change that. It’s a central hub designed to streamline how you manage and activate customer data inside your organization and across the Salesforce ecosystem. But what does […]

Unlocking Salesforce’s hidden potential: From silo to growth engine

Any business leader invested in digital transformation understands the power of a unified Salesforce platform. But fragmented departmental use can impede efficiency, hinder collaboration, and stifle progress. What if you could unlock the hidden potential of your Salesforce org, transforming it from a siloed toolset into a powerful engine driving growth? That’s exactly what leading […]

Salesforce Data Cloud: Practical Use Cases for Nonprofits

For nonprofits, every interaction matters. Engaging constituents (donors, volunteers, served populations, and even employees) with the right message at the right time can be the difference between securing a life-changing donation and losing a crucial volunteer. But in the face of a fragmented data landscape and limited resources, achieving this personalized touch can feel like […]

Salesforce Data Cloud: Practical Use Cases for Communications, Media & Technology

The digital landscape keeps changing, and businesses like yours need innovative solutions to stay ahead. You want happier customers, better revenue, and smoother operations. Salesforce Data Cloud is a powerful tool that can help. At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced free Data Cloud licenses so customers can explore its potential and start using it to build […]

Salesforce Data Cloud: Practical Use Cases for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a fast-paced world, and businesses like yours constantly seek ways to improve operations and customer experiences to drive growth. Salesforce Data Cloud, a unified data platform, can help you achieve these goals. At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced free Data Cloud licenses so customers can explore its potential and start using it to build […]

Salesforce Data Cloud: Practical Use Cases for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is facing many data challenges, including growing patient volumes, complex data infrastructures, and the need to deliver personalized care. Salesforce Data Cloud can help healthcare organizations address these issues by providing a unified platform for data integration, management, and analytics. At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced that Data Cloud free licenses are now included so […]

ISG Names Coastal a Salesforce Leader for the 2nd Year

Coastal, a Salesforce Multi-Cloud Expert Partner technology consulting firm, has been designated a leader in multiple quadrants in the ISG Provider Lens™ Salesforce Ecosystem Partners US 2023 Quadrant Report. This research report compares service provider strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiators. Coastal is proud to be recognized in three categories this year: Get an impartial view […]

Transforming Crisis Intervention with Grant Riewe

Explore the intersection of technology and mental health with Grant Riewe, CTO of Vibrant Emotional Health. Learn how modern tech is reshaping the behavioral health landscape, from the 988 crisis lifeline to the power of human connection. In this must-listen episode of the Customer Obsessed Podcast, Grant Riewe shares transformative strategies in crisis intervention, all […]

Optimize your Free Data Cloud Licenses

At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced that Data Cloud free licenses are now included for all Enterprise Edition or above customers so they can familiarize themselves with the new capabilities and develop use case ideas.  See a full view of what is included Quickly Embrace Data Cloud with Our Proven Solutions Coastal’s certified Salesforce Data Cloud and Tableau […]

Thrive Global: AI’s New Frontier – Amplifying Meaning and Purpose at Work

Since the public introduction of large language models—models that can understand language and generate text—few topics have resonated more profoundly in public discourse than artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on our future world. We are collectively grappling with the role AI will play in our society, while the pace of innovation accelerates and […]

A Heart-to-Heart with Manufacturing Leaders during Dreamforce

Discussions at Dreamforce 2023 underscored the pivotal role of data and analytics and how Salesforce Data Cloud can be used to reshape manufacturing. Manufacturing leaders from around the world gathered at Dreamforce, the biggest Salesforce conference of the year, to discuss how technology and innovation are reshaping the industry’s future.  Coastal hosted a peer-to-peer Dreamforce […]