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See Salesforce Data Cloud in Action with a Free Data Workshop

See Salesforce Data Cloud in Action with a Free Data Workshop

Our one-hour interactive workshop will teach you how to use Salesforce Data Cloud to achieve your business goals.

If you are:

  • Curious about what Salesforce Data Cloud does and how it can best be used in your organization.
  • In need of a complete customer profile to personalize experiences.
  • Focused on simplifying data integrations for insights that drive growth and innovation.
  • Aiming to build efficient teams that aren’t bogged down by rote tasks.

What's included?

Current State Analysis

Current State Analysis

Review your top data & integration challenges Deconstruct your customer journey to identify high-impact moments for data-powered experiences

Use Case Creation

Use Case Creation

Document a business use case including the what, why & how
Establish success metrics
Assess org readiness

Path to Progress

Path to Progress

Discuss roadmap for execution
Share use case with your team

Sample questions you will have answered during the workshop.

  • What is the biggest data challenge facing my organization?

  • Is Salesforce Data Cloud a good choice for my organization?

  • What tools and systems can Data Cloud replace?

  • Could we use Data Cloud to solve a specific challenge at my organization (challenge, solution and benefit)?

  • What success metrics should I consider?

  • What is my organization’s Data Cloud-readiness level?

Why Choose Coastal?

Because experience matters. Approaching 100 Salesforce Data Cloud certified experts, we’ve been hands-on in the system and know how best to use it for impact. 

Coastal is top ranked by customers, Salesforce, and analysts, which means you’ll get your project done right. With the SVP of Salesforce Data Cloud on the Coastal board, we maintain deep ties to product teams, staying ahead of other consulting firms.

Working with Coastal, BILL unified their Salesforce platform post-acquisition and cut manual work by 50% in just four months. “Without this flexibility from Coastal, we would not have been able to achieve the aggressive timeline.”

Schedule your Complimentary Data Cloud Workshop

Complete the form and we’ll reach out to find a time that works. Complimentary Data Cloud Workshop only valid for qualified users. Pre-qualification to occur before session.

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