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The Salesforce Admin’s Guide to Continuous Innovation Services (and Why It Matters)

The Salesforce Admin’s Guide to Continuous Innovation Services (and Why It Matters)

As a Salesforce admin, you’re the backbone of your organization’s CRM. You keep the lights on, troubleshoot issues, and ensure everyone, from sales to marketing to customer service, can do their jobs effectively. 

But in a world where Salesforce is constantly evolving and business needs are always changing, keeping up can be a struggle.

Perhaps you’re facing a growing backlog of user requests, grappling with complex integrations, or feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of new features released with every update. Maybe you’re concerned about technical debt accumulating or struggling to drive user adoption. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. These are common challenges for Salesforce admins, and they can significantly impact your organization’s ability to leverage the full power of its Salesforce investment.

Continuous innovation services are emerging as a strategic solution to these challenges. Traditional managed services often focus on reactive support and maintenance. Continuous innovation takes a proactive approach, focusing on constant value. 

It’s about partnering with your team to drive ongoing improvement, optimize your Salesforce environment, and achieve measurable results—all while positioning your organization for future growth and scalability.

Not all continuous innovation services are created equal. Some may act as an extra set of hands, while others go deeper, acting as a true strategic partner, empowering your team with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Coastal’s Waves program is the latter. We believe in empowering your team to become Salesforce champions, not replacing them. We work alongside admins, sharing our expertise, providing strategic guidance, and tackling complex projects together. The result? A more efficient, effective, and user-friendly Salesforce environment that drives real business results.

If you’re ready to take your Salesforce platform to the next level, read on to learn more about how continuous innovation services can benefit your organization. And if you’re curious about how Waves can specifically empower your team and transform your Salesforce experience, keep reading—we have a lot to share.

Overcoming Resource Constraints: Your Salesforce Dream Team, On Demand

We get it. As a Salesforce admin, you’re the go-to person for everything Salesforce-related. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in everything. Sometimes, you need a little extra help to tackle those complex projects or clear out that growing backlog.

That’s where Coastal Waves comes in. We offer a flexible, scalable team of Salesforce experts who can seamlessly integrate with your existing staff. Need help with data migration? No problem. Want to automate a complex business process? We’ve got you covered.

Think of Waves as your on-demand Salesforce dream team, backed by years of experience and expertise. We’re ready to jump in and provide the exact expertise you need, when you need it, working collaboratively with your in-house admins to ensure your Salesforce org runs smoothly and delivers maximum value. 

Future-Proofing Your Salesforce Strategy: Beyond the Break-Fix

Staying ahead of the curve is a constant challenge for Salesforce admins. New features are released three times a year, and business needs always evolve. Getting stuck in “break-fix” mode is easy, leaving little time for strategic planning and innovation.

Waves can help you shift from a reactive to a proactive approach. We work with you to develop a long-term roadmap that aligns your Salesforce platform with your business goals and your budget. Our quarterly planning sessions ensure your Salesforce investment always works to its full potential, adapts to your changing needs, and drives continuous improvement.

Our team of experts stays up-to-date on the latest Salesforce features and best practices, providing strategic guidance on leveraging new capabilities to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and drive innovation.

Boosting Adoption and User Satisfaction: The Key to Success

A successful Salesforce implementation hinges on user adoption. If your team isn’t using the platform effectively, you’re not getting the full value of your investment.

Waves takes a user-centric approach to drive adoption and maximize user satisfaction. We work with you to understand your team’s unique needs and pain points and optimize the UX/UI to make Salesforce a tool your team actually wants to use. We can also develop custom features and functionalities to address your team’s challenges and priorities.

By working hand-in-hand with your team, we can create a Salesforce environment that’s both powerful and user-friendly, leading to happier users, increased productivity, and a more effective Salesforce implementation that delivers results.

Addressing Technical Debt: A Clean & Efficient Salesforce

Over time, Salesforce orgs can accumulate technical debt—a buildup of customizations, integrations, and outdated processes that can slow down your system, cause errors, and block innovation.

Waves can help you identify and address technical debt, ensuring your Salesforce environment is clean, efficient, and optimized for performance. We’ll conduct a thorough audit of your org, identify areas for improvement, and implement solutions to eliminate bottlenecks and redundancies.

By proactively managing technical debt, you’ll ensure that your Salesforce platform remains a powerful asset for your business, not a drag.

What’s next?

Salesforce admin challenges are real, but they don’t have to hold you back. Continuous innovation services offer a strategic solution, empowering your team and maximizing the value of your Salesforce investment.

By partnering with a provider like Coastal, you gain access to a dedicated team of experts who work alongside your in-house admins, sharing knowledge, tackling complex projects, and developing a strategic plan for ongoing improvement.

This collaborative approach addresses resource constraints and fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation within your organization.

Together, we can ensure that your Salesforce environment remains efficient, effective, and aligned with your evolving business goals.

Ready to take the next steps?

1. Download Coastal’s In-House vs. Managed Services Guide to get a look at the pros and cons of each approach—and what our experts recommend.

2. Take our free Coastal Compass assessment to find areas for improvement and see how Waves can help you achieve your Salesforce goals.

3. Meet with our Waves experts to discuss your unique needs and explore how we can help you unlock the full potential of your Salesforce investment.

Coastal is the #1 rated Salesforce consulting firm, 100% focused on customer success. From strategy to platform evolution, we’re the Salesforce consultancy you’ll love working with.


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