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Transforming Crisis Intervention with Grant Riewe

Transforming Crisis Intervention with Grant Riewe

Explore the intersection of technology and mental health with Grant Riewe, CTO of Vibrant Emotional Health. Learn how modern tech is reshaping the behavioral health landscape, from the 988 crisis lifeline to the power of human connection.

In this must-listen episode of the Customer Obsessed Podcast, Grant Riewe shares transformative strategies in crisis intervention, all made possible by Salesforce. Learn how Coastal uses Salesforce to create impactful, empathetic customer interactions. Dive in for a wealth of insights and inspiration!

“The Coastal team here has been part of our work since before the launch of 988. So our relationship goes back quite a ways. The big effort is around the 988 Unified Platform that we’re building to enable crisis centers all over the country to take more calls and handle them with higher quality and greater efficiency. The Coastal team is working on that Salesforce front end to really enable counselors to have a lot of great interactions.”

— Grant Riewe, CTO, Vibrant Emotional Health


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