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Vaccine Management News: Jan 20th 2021

Vaccine Management News: Jan 20th 2021

Coastal Cloud’s Care4COVID Solution helps deliver vaccines in Florida

1,500 vaccine appointments per minute,  45,000 vaccinations, and 1,000,000 COVID-19 tests managed

In just three weeks, Coastal Cloud’s Care4COVID Vaccine Management has proven to be a reliable, scalable solution for high-volume vaccine appointment scheduling and management systems. Vaccine management is not just about the technology, of course, it relies on deep coordination and teamwork, with staffing and site logistics as well as a number of other factors.

Our teamwork with CDR Maguire began with COVID-19 testing, where we provided the Care4COVID Site Management platform. To date, our system has now seen over 1,000,000 COVID-19 tests complete, more than 155,000 vaccination appointments (95% of them via digital self-service registration), and  45,000 vaccines provided.

Although states and counties different needs and priorities, Coastal Cloud in partnership with CDR Maguire have been able to vaccinate rapidly in six Florida counties, addressing the needs for first responders and the general population of over 65 individuals, including 1,900 assisted living facilities (ALFs) across the state.

The early efforts to provide vaccination to the over 65 population differed across many organizations. Traditional approaches for walk-ups led to long lines and disappointment for many. Likewise, call centers were overwhelmed with the large volumes. A recent article in the Miami Herald highlighted the need for vaccinating the Assisted Living Facility population and the efforts CDR Maguire is taking to rapidly address this challenge.

By utilizing the lessons learned over many years with high-volume call centers and the power of mobile-friendly self-service, Coastal Cloud’s solution scaled at the rate needed for the challenge of vaccination. As of Friday, 45,000 individuals have been vaccinated using the Care4COVID solution. We are proud that our solution has provided 45,000 vaccinations and at the same time, was able to handle the volume of new appointments and registrations online. At times the volumes have reached 1,500 appointments per minute. Patients are able to not only self-schedule their first appointment, but also follow up vaccination times and can easily reschedule. Our contactless approach provides a unique barcode that allows for rapid record lookup on site and ensures a rapid vaccination experience.

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