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Salesforce Data Cloud: Practical Use Cases for Nonprofits

Salesforce Data Cloud: Practical Use Cases for Nonprofits

For nonprofits, every interaction matters. Engaging constituents (donors, volunteers, served populations, and even employees) with the right message at the right time can be the difference between securing a life-changing donation and losing a crucial volunteer. But in the face of a fragmented data landscape and limited resources, achieving this personalized touch can feel like a daunting task. This is where Salesforce Data Cloud steps in, acting as a powerful catalyst for smart constituent engagement, enabling you to build meaningful relationships and fuel your mission’s success.

At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced that Data Cloud free licenses are now included so customers can familiarize themselves with its capabilities and start using it to build unified segments for specific needs. Coastal’s team of U.S.-based certified Salesforce Data Cloud experts can help you develop custom use cases for your nonprofit organization, so you get the most value from the free licenses.

We have developed four compelling use cases demonstrating how nonprofits can create better engagement, enhance new donor experiences, and develop a 360° view of shared constituents.

For a limited time, we’re offering a No-Cost Strategy Workshop. In this workshop, we’ll work side-by-side with you to define one use case tailored to your organization and address your questions.

The complimentary workshop includes:

  • One-hour conversation with data & integration pros
  • Creation of a data-powered use case for your business
  • Detailed plan for execution
  • Unlimited Q&A

To jumpstart ideation, here are some use cases we’re already working on with our nonprofit clients.

Smart Constituent Engagement


I want personalized engagement with my constituent groups, including donors, volunteers, employees, and served populations


Integrate Data Cloud with CRM, marketing automation, website, and other tools like P2P, volunteer & event platforms.

Surface data points from relevant platforms for targeted, rules-based outreach using demographic and engagement data (i.e., someone who receives services isn’t asked to donate).


  • Ability to smartly segment contacts based on their actions
  • One set of rules for defining a donor, volunteer, or recipient of services so everyone speaks the same language
  • Suppress contacts based on demographics, profile, or history

New Donor Experience Enhancement


I want to engage with new donors in a meaningful way to encourage their continued support


Integrate Data Cloud with donation management platform, marketing platform, and website personalization.

Activate customer journeys that provide immediate response when a donation occurs; inform the website to present opportunities to engage the next time they visit; and trigger follow-up after X days.


  • Ability to automatically target donors with personalized, next-best engagement activities
  • Automatically monitor and follow up to encourage recurring donations if no subsequent donation is observed

New Resident Engagement


I want to engage with those who have recently moved to the area to convert into donors, volunteers, or service recipients


Set up Data Cloud with marketing automation, population data service, CRM, and direct mail service.

Define and configure rules-based journeys to identify new movers and automate outreach.


  • Proactively engage with new area residents
  • Identify service needs or engagement opportunities
  • Engage internal resources for follow-up at the right time

Federated Organization Unified Profile


I want to develop a 360° view of shared constituents and build customized journeys based on insights


Develop an enterprise data model and synchronize each data set, including a source of truth on constituents across the enterprise.


  • A clear picture of shared constituents
  • Deeper participation/support
  • Reduce opt-outs with smarter suppressions and engagement

One expert partner who can do it all. Enterprise Data, Tableau & Salesforce Clouds

Salesforce ranks Coastal as the #1 Consulting Partner in Expertise in the United States (above more than 2,000 consultancies). With a heavily certified onshore-only team, 6,500+ completed projects, deep expertise with nonprofits, and company DNA that focuses 100% on customer success, we’re the experienced firm in a nimble package that you’ll love working with.

Over the past decade, we’ve managed data from every major nonprofit system and data lakes/warehouses with systems such as Snowflake. You can rely on our team to rapidly connect your data and work with your enterprise data architecture.

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