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Enterprise Broadband Grants Management

States nationwide are tapping into major broadband funding. Coastal is already helping them streamline their grants management for faster deployment, confident compliance, and maximum impact. Our solution gives you a platform built for efficiency and transparency. Determine grant awards quickly, customize your workflows, and gain real-time insights to ensure every dollar is accounted for. Modern, […]

HIPAA-compliant Google Analytics

Re-Identify Inside the Salesforce Technology Stack with Data Cloud Our Marketing Cloud HIPAA-Compliant Google Analytics solution goes beyond compliance. It gives you a complete view of your patient data. By integrating with Salesforce Data Cloud, you can combine de-identified Google Analytics data with your existing patient profiles. This creates a rich understanding of patient behavior, […]

Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud & Tableau Free License: No-Cost Strategy Workshop At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced they will provide free limited-use access to Data Cloud and Tableau so customers can become familiar with the new capabilities and develop use case ideas before committing to the full-scale Data Cloud Salesforce license. Bring your toughest questions for a […]

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, government agencies often find themselves grappling with outdated systems that act as barriers to progress. These systems lack the adaptability and agility necessary to meet the demands of modern governance. Coastal has taken significant strides to tackle this pressing issue head-on. Let Coastal be your partner in innovation and transformation […]

Fast Salesforce Org Merge

When you prioritize people above technology, you’ve already taken the first steps to create a successful change management strategy. Our culture-first approach means investing time in creating solutions centered around your workforce—a proven strategy that yields massive dividends. Don’t rely on band-aid solutions that create continual pain points; let us help you create a scalable, […]

Modernized Workforce Development

“Coastal is an excellent partner for implementation of economic development specific solutions for Salesforce. We are a small team and could not have handled a task of this magnitude without Coastal’s expertise and guidance.” — Angela Fritz, City of Fulshear, Texas

Robust 988 Call Center

Customer Spotlight: Vibrant Emotional Health Coastal Cloud is the official 988 partner for Vibrant Emotional Health. We are developing a fully unified CRM for the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to support daily operations and functions for crisis centers including safety assessment call flow, capturing data, safety plans, referrals, managing follow-ups, tracking emergency rescues, reporting […]

Evariant to Salesforce Migration

Partnering to Deliver Better Insights with Salesforce and Data Coastal’s powerful healthcare accelerators run natively on Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud, delivering the capabilities needed to build loyalty and growth with both physicians and consumers. This native integration gives you access to the latest Salesforce features with three releases per year while also allowing […]

Intelligent Donations Management

Coastal’s Unmet Needs Solution continues to demonstrate success in Florida. Since its launch, it has actively supported residents impacted by tornadoes that touched down in Charlotte and Lee counties on January 16, 2022. Within less than a month, Florida’s donation portal raised over $1.1 million to help impacted residents. To date, more than $430,000 has […]

Seamless Patient Engagement with Campaign2Care

“Coastal is not just a team of Salesforce Experts, they are true partners who understand our challenges and are working side-by-side with us to create the future of customer experiences in healthcare.” Baptist Health Jacksonville

Effective Foster Parent Recruiting

This solution automatically connects current and prospective foster parents with your case managers by providing an online portal for constant communication. It also provides the ability to capture information on each family, from class attendance, licensing process, home inspection, and other data points in your application process. Everything your team needs is a click away […]

Healthcare Professional Licensing

Our team of public sector and regulatory experts can help your local or state government manage licensing, permitting, and regulatory functions in order to efficiently and effectively serve and protect your county or state. Coastal’s robust Licensing, Permitting, and Inspection solution on Salesforce is already helping regulatory agencies manage their licensing/permitting, inspection, and disciplinary processes. Our solution […]

Digital Prevention Management

Addressing the Need Nationally, the number of children in foster care has increased across all fifty states. In Florida alone, placements have risen 20% in the last decade. This surge drives up costs—caring for a single child in foster care can exceed $30,000 annually for a state agency. Additionally, the needs of children in foster […]

Efficient Grants Management

“We replaced three separate software databases and numerous manual processes with a single automated platform in less than 12 months.” Program Director, State of Florida

Technical Solutions for Education

“First Book contracted with Coastal starting in early 2017 for an implementation of Salesforce, Pardot, Classy, NPSP, Sales pipeline and other integrations to enable First Book to use Salesforce as a data repository. The project duration was 15 months with ongoing support afterwards. As the SVP of IT, I enjoyed the transparency and communication as […]

Digital Marketing Solutions for Education

“Coastal’s experience with higher education is strong, and we would recommend them to any organization. We can now use Salesforce and Pardot to track calls, manage campus visits, organize & track messages, and utilize reporting capabilities. We were able to integrate the solution with our existing student information database, making for a seamless 360° view […]

Advancement & Alumni Relations

“We implemented Salesforce in 2016 as part of a long term strategic effort in an entire system update/integration project. We were already seeing huge benefits from Salesforce, and during this past fiscal year, the accounting system was our next step after several other integrations (LMS, member community, mobile app, event registration system, etc). Our goals […]

Connected Recruitment & Admissions

“We rely on Coastal for routine admin support. They ensure that our triggers and flows are updated. The team updates our processes, handles data transfers and application mapping. We also love the SMS feature which helps us stay connected with prospects and students. The team’s real-world knowledge is very valuable when discussing solutions for Flagler. […]

Automated Volunteer Management

Features and Benefits: Efficiently recruit, track, and manage volunteers, ultimately helping you expand your capacity to meet your mission Seamless process from application to onboarding to scheduling Automate application review and onboarding to improve response times Automate scheduling to quickly deploy volunteers Personalized volunteer experience Branded application

Comprehensive Digital Economic Development

“Now everything is segmented into categories that direct our work, prioritized so we can ensure we are maximizing our most valuable resource—time.” – Jolene Schalper, Vice President, Great Falls Development Authority

Unified Business Insights

Fragmented data and siloed teams make it hard to see the big picture. Implementing a full Business Intelligence tool may seem daunting—the cost, the time, the disruption—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Coastal’s deep experience lets us quickly connect your current systems, providing a clear, executive-level view of your entire business lifecycle. We […]