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Beyond the Waiting Room: Transforming Patient Care with Melanie Husk

Navigating healthcare can feel like solving a riddle inside a maze. But what if technology focused on the pre and post-care patient journey could change everything?  Our CEO, Eric Berridge, recently sat down with Melanie Husk, Chief Consumer Officer at Baptist Health, on the Customer Obsessed podcast, and she let listeners in on the secrets […]

Life-Saving 988 Call Center Solution explained by Vibrant CIO at Dreamforce ‘23

Coastal Cloud offered Behavioral Health Leaders a unique opportunity to understand Vibrant Emotional Health’s approach to incorporating Salesforce into the organization and the impact it has made on its mission. Salesforce’s premier conference of the year, Dreamforce, is an opportunity for industry leaders, innovators, and experts to convene in person to discuss the transformative impact […]

Top Healthcare Insights from Dreamforce ’23

Within the Healthcare sector, one topic took center stage—Data Cloud. Discussions at Dreamforce 2023 underscored the pivotal role of data and how it has become easier than ever to unify data from disparate healthcare systems. Dreamforce, the biggest Salesforce conference of the year, brought together Healthcare leaders, innovators, and experts to discuss how technology and […]

Webinar: The Power of Data in Driving Growth in Healthcare

Delivering Better Patient Outcomes with Salesforce In this webinar, Bill Moschella, CEO of, and Tim Hale, Co-founder of Coastal Cloud, discuss the crucial role that technology and data play in the evolution of healthcare. Watch on-demand to learn how: Use these expert insights and practical strategies to transform how your healthcare organization interacts with patients and providers!