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Coastal Explains Salesforce Releases: Summer ‘24

Dive into the best updates from the Salesforce Summer ’24 Release, explained by Coastal’s experts. Learn how these new features will transform your workflow and elevate your Salesforce experience.


Salesforce Expertise Coastal has the technical and operational expertise to guide your Salesforce transformation from start to finish. Nonprofit Cloud Nonprofit Success Pack Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack organize constituent, fundraising, and program data all on a single platform. Accelerate fundraising through relationship management, automated reports, recurring donations, and engagement plans. Marketing Cloud Marketing […]

Webinar: ISG & Coastal Talk Data

Leading global technology research and advisory firm ISG sits down with Coastal CTO Jim Stalder to talk about all things data. Don’t miss their critical insights on the biggest obstacles to AI adoption, the place of generative AI inside of a business, and how to think about data. Complete the form to see the full conversation. […]

Coastal Explains Salesforce Releases: Spring ‘24 Edition

Welcome to our blog on the highlights of the Spring ’24 Salesforce release! We’ve got a ton of exciting updates to share, each tailored to different teams and needs.  Here’s a quick overview of what Salesforce has in store this season. You can also click on any headers in this menu to dig deeper into […]

See Salesforce Data Cloud in Action with a Free Data Workshop

Our one-hour interactive workshop will teach you how to use Salesforce Data Cloud to achieve your business goals. SCHEDULE If you are: Curious about what Salesforce Data Cloud does and how it can best be used in your organization. In need of a complete customer profile to personalize experiences. Focused on simplifying data integrations for […]

Navigating the Salesforce Crossroads

Your Guide to Evaluating In-House vs. Salesforce Managed Services Getting the most from your Salesforce investment goes far beyond the initial implementation — it’s about smartly embedding this technology into your business’s DNA through ongoing management. Just as a business’s strategy adapts, your technology must evolve too or it risks being fossilized. This need for […]

Salesforce Data Cloud Explained

Your business has tons of customer data—purchase history, website behavior, support interactions, and more. But it’s scattered across different systems, making it difficult to understand your customers and make informed decisions that drive growth.  This incomplete view impacts everything from marketing and customer service to product development and strategic planning. As a result, experiences often […]

Unlocking Salesforce’s hidden potential: From silo to growth engine

Any business leader invested in digital transformation understands the power of a unified Salesforce platform. But fragmented departmental use can impede efficiency, hinder collaboration, and stifle progress. What if you could unlock the hidden potential of your Salesforce org, transforming it from a siloed toolset into a powerful engine driving growth? That’s exactly what leading […]

Salesforce Data Cloud: Practical Use Cases for Nonprofits

For nonprofits, every interaction matters. Engaging constituents (donors, volunteers, served populations, and even employees) with the right message at the right time can be the difference between securing a life-changing donation and losing a crucial volunteer. But in the face of a fragmented data landscape and limited resources, achieving this personalized touch can feel like […]

Transforming Crisis Intervention with Grant Riewe

Explore the intersection of technology and mental health with Grant Riewe, CTO of Vibrant Emotional Health. Learn how modern tech is reshaping the behavioral health landscape, from the 988 crisis lifeline to the power of human connection. In this must-listen episode of the Customer Obsessed Podcast, Grant Riewe shares transformative strategies in crisis intervention, all […]

Faith in Full Force at Dreamforce ‘23

Leaders from Faith-based organizations gathered with Coastal during Dreamforce to discuss how Salesforce can promote a more digitally empowered Faith community. Dreamforce is Salesforce’s paramount conference of the year, uniting visionaries and experts for face-to-face dialogue about using technology and innovation for advancement.  Organizations including The Foursquare Church and Elevation Church gathered for breakfast, a […]

Life-Saving 988 Call Center Solution explained by Vibrant CIO at Dreamforce ‘23

Coastal Cloud offered Behavioral Health Leaders a unique opportunity to understand Vibrant Emotional Health’s approach to incorporating Salesforce into the organization and the impact it has made on its mission. Salesforce’s premier conference of the year, Dreamforce, is an opportunity for industry leaders, innovators, and experts to convene in person to discuss the transformative impact […]

Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud & Tableau Free License: No-Cost Strategy Workshop At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced they will provide free limited-use access to Data Cloud and Tableau so customers can become familiar with the new capabilities and develop use case ideas before committing to the full-scale Data Cloud Salesforce license. Bring your toughest questions for a […]

Fast Salesforce Org Merge

When you prioritize people above technology, you’ve already taken the first steps to create a successful change management strategy. Our culture-first approach means investing time in creating solutions centered around your workforce—a proven strategy that yields massive dividends. Don’t rely on band-aid solutions that create continual pain points; let us help you create a scalable, […]

Robust 988 Call Center

Customer Spotlight: Vibrant Emotional Health Coastal Cloud is the official 988 partner for Vibrant Emotional Health. We are developing a fully unified CRM for the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to support daily operations and functions for crisis centers including safety assessment call flow, capturing data, safety plans, referrals, managing follow-ups, tracking emergency rescues, reporting […]

Automated Volunteer Management

Features and Benefits: Efficiently recruit, track, and manage volunteers, ultimately helping you expand your capacity to meet your mission Seamless process from application to onboarding to scheduling Automate application review and onboarding to improve response times Automate scheduling to quickly deploy volunteers Personalized volunteer experience Branded application

Unified Business Insights

Fragmented data and siloed teams make it hard to see the big picture. Implementing a full Business Intelligence tool may seem daunting—the cost, the time, the disruption—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Coastal’s deep experience lets us quickly connect your current systems, providing a clear, executive-level view of your entire business lifecycle. We […]